Why Choose Us?

Value Engineering

  • We strive to offer value engineering in all our projects by using our wealth of experience to identify and reduce costs and assist in reducing programme timescales.

Innovative Solutions

  • With our vast knowledge and experience of our teams, we are constantly learning and evolving by looking at new methods which we can implement on our projects.

Deliver to Programme

  • Our in-house team is on hand to offer expert technical advice and cost-effective strategies, from planning to completion. Ultimately advising clients at the outset regarding our strategies and technical team requirements, with a designed and tailored approach to projects and an understanding of their requirements. We spend time with the design team to ensure that all parties fully understand what is required, what is actually specified and what the final works must look like.

Long-Term Partners

  • With our expert advice and knowledgeable team, we can assist you throughout your project, often becoming a valued partner and contractor of choice. We have worked with many of our clients for a number of years and understand their individual needs and requirements.

Comprehensive Tenders

  • It is important you are fully aware of all the costs involved in your project. At the start of the process, we will give you a full quote for our services and let you know the potential additional outlays. Our in-house team will also offer expert technical advice and cost-effective solutions to help you plan your project.

Client Focused Advice

  • We ensure that we deliver on our promises and pride ourselves on building a partnership of trust. Our teams have a wealth of experience, so they understand and can help you avoid the pitfalls that can hold up projects. We work closely with your external suppliers and contractors to bring you a comprehensive and value-for-money service. Our team help put things in perspective and avoid technical jargon whilst keeping you regularly updated on progress and fully informed about your costs from the start.  We assess issues and find solutions before they arise, to allow for a smooth and stress-free project. 

People and Community Focused

As a major employer in Tayside, D J Laing is proud of its skilled workforce whom they know can be relied upon to carry out work and consistently deliver to the highest standards. Investment in the future of their staff and development is the key to their continual growth.

It’s important at D J Laing that we give back to the local community by investing in the local economy and environment through company contributions; sponsoring the local football teams and community events.