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D J Laing became a pioneer for timber recycling and produces over 40,000 tonnes annually of recycled wood products from construction, demolition, civic amenity sites and various other sources throughout Angus, Tayside and Fife.

Once delivered to Petterden Recycling Centre the wood is separated into different grades by machines with specialised grabs. These materials are then processed through highly specialised plant and equipment, including slow and fast speed shredders, screeners, over band and roller drum magnets and eddy current non-ferrous separation. This makes all wood coming on site virtually 100% recyclable. After processing these materials they are reused in the panel board industry for flooring, worktops and kitchen units etc. The fines are used for animal bedding, chicken and Equestrian markets and the lower grade wood for the Biomass industry as fuel for energy.

If you are in the construction, rural or energy sectors our team would be delighted to hear from you to discuss how D J Laing Recycling Solutions can help your business.

The Company is committed to continually invest in specialised recycling equipment. Our vision for the future is to increase recycling percentages on an annual basis and divert from landfill with the support of our highly valued customers. We aim to remain at the forefront of the waste recycling industry and help drive towards the figure of zero waste for Scotland.

The site in the north of Dundee also recycles soil and stone with a handling capacity of 100.000 tonnes per annum which are processed by various crushing and screening equipment to produce a variety of recycled aggregates as well as screened top soils and compost materials.

These crushed and screened recycled materials are then used by our contracts division, third parties and local councils for reuse at construction and building sites as road surface materials, drainage, pipe bedding, path and driveways or infill material.

For further information on our recycling solutions please contact our waste management team on 01382 380670 or email or visit

David Laing
by: David Laing | Chairman and Company Founder